System, Tissue, Cell Kit
System, Tissue, Cell Kit
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System, Tissue, Cell Kit

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The STC kit starts a very broad spectrum with the systems and becomes more specific by narrowing the field down to a specific cell and asking questions. 

Dr. Klepzig explains with an example, “I tested a patient and found the Skeletal System Vial. I put the Skeletal System Vial on the patient and matched it to the Bone Cell Vial. I replaced the Skeletal System Vial with the Bone Cell Vial and retested. I then matched the Bone Cell Vial to the Osteoblast Vial.

Now, I found there was an issue with the osteoblast rather than the osteoclast and I know the problem was not cartilage or connective tissue related and continued the exam. This technique is called layering.” 

He continues, “The whole idea is to get the body talking and maybe the entire liver or heart cannot communicate but an individual liver or heart cell or related tissue will talk.”

This kit is part of the abea Basic 8 Collection.

System, Tissue, Cell (F) Kit Vials
  • Circulatory System F01
  • Digestive System F02
  • Female Reproductive System F03
  • Immune System F04
  • Integumentary System F05
  • Lymphatic System F06
  • Male Reproductive System F07
  • Muscular System F08
  • Nervous System F09
  • Respiratory System F10
  • Skeletal System F11
  • Urinary System F12
  • Auditory System F13
  • Gustatory System F14
  • Proprioceptive System F15
  • Tactile System F16
  • Vestibular System F17
  • Visual System F18
  • Epithelial Tissue F19
  • Epithelial Cell F20
  • Loose Connective Tissue F21
  • Loose Connect Tissue Cell F22
  • Fibrous Connective Tissue F23
  • Fibrous Connective Tissue Cell F24
  • Adipose Tissue F25
  • Adipose Tissue Cell F26
  • Cartilage F27
  • Cartilage Cell F28
  • Bone F29
  • Bone Cell F30
  • Blood F31
  • Red Blood Cell F32
  • Lymph Tissue F33
  • Skeletal Muscle F34
  • Cardiac Muscle F35
  • Smooth Muscle F36
  • Nerve F37
  • Neuron F38
  • Heart Cell F39
  • Small Intestine Cell F40
  • Spleen Cell F41
  • Stomach Cell F42
  • Pancreas Cell F43
  • Lung Cell F44
  • Large Intestine Cell F45
  • Kidney Cell F46
  • Bladder Cell F47
  • Liver Cell F48
  • Gallbladder Cell F49
  • Pineal Cell F50
  • Hypothalamus Cell F51
  • Pituitary Cell F52
  • Adrenal cell F53
  • Thyroid Cell F54
  • Parathyroid Cell F55
  • Testicle Cell F56
  • Prostate Cell F57
  • Ovary Cell F58
  • Osteoclast F59
  • Osteoblast F60