DNA Biophoton Kit
DNA Biophoton Kit
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DNA Biophoton Kit

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The DNA BioPhoton kit is identical to the Core Kit except that it isolates the DNA of the organ or tissue being tested.

The DNA Biophoton Kit is partially based on the work of Fritz-Albert Popp who theorized that DNA is the most probable source of biophoton emissions. DNA emits a low level of photons constantly and any damage or inflammation will cause excess photons or light to leak from the cell. 

We are measuring the source of excessive photon loss with this kit and thus sources of inflammation or excessive tissue damage. Finding and measuring Biophoton loss is especially useful in isolating potential autoimmune conditions. Excessive BioPhoton loss also indicates the need to match the proper protomorphogen to the tissue being tested. The proper protomorphogen match is determined by using the Cellular/PMG kit and doing a MicroRNA profile. 

This kit is part of the abea Basic 8 Collection.

DNA Biophoton (E) Kit Vials
  • Heart BP E01
  • Pericardium BP E02
  • SI-Duodenum BP E03
  • SI-Jejunum BP E04
  • SI-Ileum BP E05
  • Spleen BP E06
  • Pancreas BP E07
  • Stomach BP E08
  • Lung R/L BP E09
  • Pleura BP E10
  • Colon-Ascending BP E11
  • Colon-Transverse BP E12
  • Colon-Descending BP E13
  • Colon-Sigmoid BP E14
  • Rectum BP E15
  • Anus BP E16
  • Kidney BP E17
  • Bladder BP E18
  • Liver BP E19
  • Gallbladder BP E20
  • Common Bile Duct BP E21
  • Esophagus BP E22
  • Pineal BP E23
  • Hypothalamus BP E24
  • Pituitary BP E25
  • Adrenal BP E26
  • Thyroid BP E27
  • Parathyroid BP E28
  • Thymus BP E29
  • Testicle BP E30
  • Penis BP E31
  • Prostate BP E32
  • Ovary BP E33
  • Uterus BP E34
  • Mammary BP E35
  • Sinus-Frontal BP E36
  • Sinus-Ethmoid BP E37
  • Sinus-Maxillary BP E38
  • Sinus-Deep BP E39
  • Bone BP E40
  • Bone Marrow BP E41
  • Brain BP E42
  • Spinal Cord BP E43
  • Nerve BP E44
  • Fascia BP E45
  • Tendon BP E46
  • Ligament BP E47
  • Cartilage BP E48
  • Arteries BP E49
  • Veins BP E50
  • Capillaries BP E51
  • WBC's BP E52
  • Skeletal Muscle BP E53
  • Smooth Muscle BP E54
  • Hair BP E55
  • Skin BP E56
  • Ears BP E57
  • Eyes BP E58
  • Teeth BP E59
  • Gums BP E60