Symptoms & Syndromes II Kit
Symptoms & Syndromes II Kit
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Symptoms & Syndromes II Kit

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The Symptoms and Syndromes Kit allows you to understand the symptom without the patient currently experiencing it. If a symptom or disease pattern can be identified, then it is possible to reverse engineer the process and discover the root cause(s). If the potential exists in the patient being tested for the symptom or disease pattern to occur then you will get a change in the muscle being tested.

This kit contains 60 common symptoms and syndromes.

The Symptoms/Syndromes II test kit expands on the Symptoms and Syndromes test kit and has many common symptoms such as dry mouth, lethargy, insect bite and stamina. Vials to differentiate between bile vs acid reflux or tight vs weak pelvic floor muscles. Simplified covid testing with just five vials to identify the SARS CoV2 and the four most common variants. There are nine vials for biofilms. Biofilms are known to exist in the brain, lung, bladder and many other tissues besides just the GI system. 

Symptoms and Syndromes (GG) Kit Vials
  • Acid Reflux GG01
  • Bile Reflux GG02
  • Air Hunger GG03
  • Anal Itching GG04
  • Anemia of Chronic Disease GG05
  • Pernicious Anemia GG06
  • Fever GG07
  • Intermittent Fever GG08
  • Remittent Fever GG09
  • Bedwetting GG10
  • Capillary Fragility GG11
  • Dry Mouth GG12
  • Systemic Lupus GG13
  • Sjorgren's Disease GG14
  • Excessive Yawning GG15
  • Hypotension GG16
  • Lethargic GG17
  • Chest Pain GG18
  • Chest Pressure GG19
  • Ear Ache GG20
  • Body Aches GG21
  • Leg Aches GG22
  • Chills GG23
  • Crusty Eyes GG24
  • Hypo-Immune Response GG25
  • Tight Pelvic Floor GG26
  • Weak Pelvic Floor GG27
  • Dehydration GG28
  • Lack of Motivation GG29
  • Scar Tissue GG30
  • Photosensitivity GG31
  • Drowsy GG33
  • Autoantibodies GG34
  • Stamina GG35
  • Vasodilation GG36
  • Vasoconstriction GG37
  • Fibro Fog GG38
  • Stye GG39
  • Fainting GG40
  • Ocular Migraines GG41
  • Excessive Dreaming GG42
  • Ghrelin GG43
  • Leptin GG44
  • Insect Bite GG45
  • Vaccine Shedding GG46
  • SARS CoV-2 GG47
  • SARS Cov-2/Alpha GG48
  • SARS Cov-2/Beta GG49
  • SARS CoV-2/Delta GG50
  • SARS CoV-2/Omicron GG51
  • Brain Biofilm GG52
  • Lung Biofilm GG53
  • Bladder Biofilm GG54
  • Cardiovascular Biofilm GG55
  • Prostate Biofilm GG56
  • Vaginal Biofilm GG57
  • Sinus Biofilm GG58
  • Bone Biofilm GG59
  • Intestinal Biofilm GG60