Symptoms & Syndromes Kit
Symptoms & Syndromes Kit
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Symptoms & Syndromes Kit

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The Symptoms and Syndromes Kit allows you to understand the symptom without the patient currently experiencing it. If a symptom or disease pattern can be identified, then it is possible to reverse engineer the process and discover the root cause(s). If the potential exists in the patient being tested for the symptom or disease pattern to occur then you will get a change in the muscle being tested.

This kit contains 60 common symptoms and syndromes.

Dr. Klepzig explains with an example, “If a patient has the problem of chronic belching and the Belching Vial creates a change in arm strength upon testing then the practitioner can check the Gallbladder and Stomach Vials in the Core Kit against the Belching Vial to see if that potential problem is caused by either organ or both. The Symptoms and Syndromes Kit gets a lot of use in my clinic.”

This kit is part of the abea Basic 8 Collection.

Symptoms and Syndromes (G) Kit Vials
  • Abdominal Bloating G01
  • Acne G02
  • Anemia G03
  • Angioedema G04
  • Anxiety G05
  • Belching G06
  • Bowel Gas/ Flatulence G07
  • Bruise Easily G08
  • Fatigue G09
  • Cold Intolerance G10
  • Constipation G11
  • Cough G12
  • Depression G13
  • Diarrhea G14
  • Difficulty Swallowing G15
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep G16
  • Difficulty Staying Asleep G17
  • Dizziness G18
  • Eczema G19
  • Edema G20
  • Epitaxis G21
  • Eye Twitch G22
  • Hard Stool G23
  • Halitosis G24
  • Hiatal Hernia G25
  • Headache G26
  • Headache Hormonal G27
  • Migraine Headache G28
  • Headache Neuralgia G29
  • Vascular Headache G30
  • Sinus Headaches G31
  • Hemorrhoids G32
  • Hives G33
  • Insomnia G34
  • Itching G35
  • Light Headed G36
  • Muscle Cramps G37
  • Muscle Twitch G38
  • Nausea G39
  • Nightmares G40
  • Night Sweats G41
  • Osteopenia G42
  • Osteoporosis G43
  • Pain G44
  • Panic Attacks G45
  • Excessive Perspiration G46
  • Restless Leg Syndrome G47
  • Restless Sleep G48
  • Reynaud's G49
  • Shortness of Breath G50
  • Sleep Apnea G51
  • Sneezing G52
  • Soft Stool G53
  • Sore Throat G54
  • Sweaty Hands G55
  • Swollen Ankles G56
  • Tinnitus G57
  • Vertigo G58
  • Vomiting G59
  • Wheezing G60