Nervous System Kit
Nervous System Kit
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Nervous System Kit

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The Nervous System Kit contains 60 vials that represent the different aspects of the nervous system structure and function. 

This kit starts with gross neuroanatomy and continues into the peripheral nervous system. Important CNS cells, cranial nerves, symptoms and disease processes are also included.

This specialty kit is used utilized in the abea technique with the Basic 8 collection to provide deeper insights related to nervous system health.

Nervous System (R) Kit Vials
  • Brainstem R01
  • Cerebellum R02
  • R. Hemisphere R03
  • L. Hemisphere R04
  • Corpus Collosum R05
  • R. Frontal Lobe R06
  • L. Frontal Lobe R07
  • R.Parietal Lobe R08
  • L. Parietal Lobe R09
  • R. Temporal Lobe R10
  • L. Temporal Lobe R11
  • R. Occipital Lobe R12
  • L. Occipital Lobe R13
  • Meninges R14
  • Ventricles R15
  • CSF R16
  • Interneurons R17
  • Sensory Neurons R18
  • Motor Neurons R19
  • Oligodendrocytes R20
  • Myelin R21
  • Astrocytes R22
  • Sympathetic NS R23
  • Parasympathetic NS R24
  • Enteric NS R25
  • CN1 Olfactory R26
  • CN2 Optic R27
  • CN3 Oculomotor R28
  • CN4 Trochlear R29
  • CN5 Trigeminal R30
  • CN6 Abducens R31
  • CN7 Facial R32
  • CN8 Vestibulocochlear R33
  • CN9 Glossopharyngeal R34
  • CN10 Vagus R35
  • CN11 Accessory R36
  • CN12 Hypoglossal R37
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia R38
  • Parkinson's DX R39
  • Essential Tremor R40
  • Multiple Sclerosis R41
  • Bells Palsy R42
  • ALS R43
  • Whiplash R44
  • Concussion R45
  • Post-Concussion Synd R46
  • Complex Region Pain Syn R47
  • Peripheral Neuropathy R48
  • Neuritis R49
  • Encephalitis R50
  • Meningitis R51
  • Epilepsy R52
  • Seizure R53
  • Shingles R54
  • Tourette's Syndrome R55
  • Numbness R56
  • Tingling R57
  • Loss of Balance R58
  • Cerebral Hypoxia R59
  • CNS Neoplasia R60