Food & Toxins Kit
Food & Toxins Kit
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Food & Toxins Kit

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The Foods and Toxins Kit is the first of three kits that represent environmental factors.  

Food sensitivity and environmental toxins are a burden to the healing process and must be identified if present. Dr. Klepzig explains with an example, “If a patient is eating food that is creating inflammation or is being chronically exposed to a toxin or is carrying a toxic burden, then balance or homeostasis is unlikely to occur.”

The Foods and Toxins Kit represents thirty common foods and thirty toxins with categories. This kit represents the most common toxic biological burdens in the environment and our bodies.

This kit is part of the abea Basic 8 Collection.

Foods and Toxins (A) Kit Vials
  • Wheat A01
  • Gluten/Gliadin A02
  • Oats A03
  • Rye A04
  • Barley A05
  • Soy A06
  • Corn A07
  • White Rice A08
  • Brown Rice A09
  • Cheese Mix A10
  • Raw Milk A11
  • Pasteurized Milk A12
  • Yogurt A13
  • Egg White A14
  • Egg Yolk A15
  • Nightshades A16
  • Coffee A17
  • Chocolate A18
  • Beet Sugar A19
  • Cane Sugar A20
  • Brown Sugar A21
  • Honey A22
  • Artificial Sweeteners A23
  • Stevia A24
  • Beef A25
  • Pork A26
  • Chicken A27
  • Turkey A28
  • Spice Mix A29
  • Alcohol A30
  • Benzidines A31
  • Aromatic Amines A32
  • Dioxins A33
  • Furans A34
  • PCB's A35
  • DEET A36
  • Hydrocarbons A37
  • Chlorine A38
  • Fluoride A39
  • Nitrosamines A40
  • Ethers A41
  • Solvents A42
  • Organophosphates A43
  • Carbamates A44
  • Pesticide Mix A45
  • Glyphosate A46
  • Phenols A47
  • Phthalates A48
  • VOC Gases A49
  • Parabens A50
  • Food Preservatives A51
  • Food Dyes/Colors A52
  • Fire Retardants A53
  • Plastics A54
  • Arsenic A55
  • Cadmium A56
  • Aluminum A57
  • Lead A58
  • Mercury A59
  • Perfumes/Fragrance A60