Core Non-Optical Photon Receptors (NOPR)
Core Non-Optical Photon Receptors (NOPR)
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Core Non-Optical Photon Receptors (NOPR)

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Kit DD- Core-NOPR(non-optical photon receptors)

The Core-NOPR test kit is based upon Dr. Klepzigs theory that all data transfer within the human body is accomplished via photons. He has tested this theory clinically and the results have been outstanding

All human cells must have dedicated photon receptors on or within the cell structure. These receptors receive and process data contained within photons that are cell to cell or from the environment. The test vials exclude optic photon receptors so the clinical response is due to receptors that are photosensitive but not part of the visual/spatial system.

applied bio-energy analysis focuses on core, basic, physiologic functioning as its basic tenant. The addition of the Core-NOPR test kit has created a new testing strategy that can be utilized. Check the Core, Core-NOPR and DNA BioPhoton kits and look for consistent findings from each kit.

Example- the hypothalamus is reactive in each kit. Find the one focus vial and proceed from there. 

Core-NOPR (DD) Kit Vials
  • Heart NOPR DD1
  • Pericardium NOPR DD2
  • SI-Duodenum NOPR DD3
  • SI-Jejunum NOPR DD4
  • SI-Ileum NOPR DD5
  • Spleen NOPR DD6
  • Pancreas NOPR DD7
  • Stomach NOPR DD8
  • Lung-R/L NOPR DD9
  • Pleura NOPR DD10
  • Colon-Ascending NOPR DD11
  • Colon-Transverse NOPR DD12
  • Colon-Descending NOPR DD13
  • Colon-Sigmoid NOPR DD14
  • Rectum NOPR DD15
  • Anus NOPR DD16
  • Kidney NOPR DD17
  • Bladder NOPR DD18
  • Liver NOPR DD19
  • Gallbladder NOPR DD20
  • Common Bile Duct NOPR DD21
  • Esophagus NOPR DD22
  • Pineal NOPR DD23
  • Hypothalamus NOPR DD24
  • Pituitary NOPR DD25
  • Adrenal NOPR DD26
  • Thyroid NOPR DD27
  • Parathyroid NOPR DD28
  • Hypothalamus NOPR DD29
  • Testicle NOPR DD30
  • Penis NOPR DD31
  • Prostate NOPR DD32
  • Ovary NOPR DD33
  • Uterus NOPR DD34
  • Mammary NOPR DD35
  • Sinus-Frontal NOPR DD36
  • Sinus-Ethmoid NOPR DD37
  • Sinus-Maxillary NOPR DD38
  • Sinus-Deep NOPR DD39
  • Bone NOPR DD40
  • Bone Marrow NOPR DD41
  • Brain NOPR DD42
  • Spinal Cord NOPR DD43
  • Nerve NOPR DD44
  • Fascia NOPR DD45
  • Tendon NOPR DD46
  • Ligament NOPR DD47
  • Cartilage NOPR DD48
  • Arteries NOPR DD49
  • Veins NOPR DD50
  • Capillaries NOPR DD51
  • WBC's NOPR DD52
  • Skeletal Muscle NOPR DD53
  • Smooth Muscle NOPR DD54
  • Hair NOPR DD55Skin NOPR DD56
  • Ears NOPR DD57
  • Eyes NOPR DD58
  • Teeth NOPR DD59
  • Gums NOPR DD60