Cellular & PMG Kit
Cellular & PMG Kit
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Cellular & PMG Kit

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The Cellular & PMG Kit contains 60 vials. The first 30 vials are related to cellular anatomy and physiological processes. The cellular side of the kit can be layered over another vial(organ, tissue, cell) to determine cell structure or function faults that are contributing to a symptom or disease process. 

I have discovered that a protomorphogen can be most accurately matched to the patient by a process I call MicroRNA Profiling. Each PMG contains a unique MicroRNA profile. MicoRNAs act as an epi-genetic regulator of gene expression. Layer the PMG kit over any other vial in the abea system to find the best match. MicroRNA profiling is a powerful clinical tool.

This specialty kit is used utilized in the abea technique with the Basic 8 collection to provide deeper insights related to cellular health and for MicroRNA Profiling.

Cellular & PMG (O) Kit Vials
    • Extracellular Matrix O01
    • Cell Surface Receptors O02
    • Cell Membrane O03
    • Microtubules O04
    • Cytosol O05
    • Glycolysis O06
    • Mitochondria O07
    • Pyruvate O08
    • Acetyl COA O09
    • Krebs Cycle O10
    • NADH O11
    • FADH2 O12
    • Mitochondrial DNA O13
    • Electron Transport Chain O14
    • Proton Pumps 1,3,4 O15
    • ATP Synthase O16
    • ATP O17
    • Nucleus O18
    • DNA O19
    • MRNA O20
    • Nuclear Membrane O21
    • Ribosome O22
    • Rough ER O23
    • Smooth ER O24
    • Vesicle O25
    • Golgi Apparatus O26
    • Lysosome O27
    • Chaperone Autophagy O28
    • Micro RNA O29
    • Apoptosis O30
    • Biost O31
    • Cardiotrophin PMG O32
    • Dermatrophin PMG O33
    • Drenatrophin PMG O34
    • Hepatrophin PMG O35
    • Hypothalamus PMG O36
    • Mammary PMG O37
    • Neurotrophin PMG O38
    • Oculotrophin PMG O39
    • Orchic PMG O40
    • Ostrophin PMG O41
    • Ovatrophin PMG O42
    • Pancreatrophin PMG O43
    • Paraplex O44
    • Parotid PMG O45
    • Pituitrophin PMG O46
    • Pneumotrophin PMG O47
    • Prostate PMG O48
    • Renatrophin PMG O49
    • Spleen PMG O50
    • Symplex F O51
    • Symplex M O52
    • Thymus PMG O53
    • Thytrophin PMG O54
    • Utrophin PMG O55
    • Prebiotic Inulin O56
    • S.P. Complete O57
    • S.P. Complete DF O58
    • Whole Food Fiber O59
    • Whey Pro O60