Cardiovascular Kit
Cardiovascular Kit
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Cardiovascular Kit

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The Cardiovascular Kit represents 60 different vials relating to the cardiovascular system.

Dr. Klepzig states, “The heart and entire cardiovascular system are formed from a single tube. The embryologic development of the cardiovascular system is a tube folding and twisting like a piece of origami artwork. The energy of the heart affects all other organs and tissues through the arteries and capillaries. The heart energy is at the center of our emotional life.”

The kit starts with the three muscle layers of the heart and from there follows the blood flow through the heart.  Chambers, valves and major vessels are included in the order you would encounter them from the perspective of a red blood cell. The heart's conduction system is presented in the order that the physiology occurs. Relevant chemistry, symptoms and disease patterns are also included.

This specialty kit is used utilized in the abea technique with the Basic 8 collection to provide deeper insights related to cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular (I) Kit Vials
  • Endocardium I01
  • Myocardium I02
  • Epicardium I03
  • Right Atrium I04
  • Tricuspid Valve I05
  • Right Ventricle I06
  • Pulmonary Valve I07
  • Pulmonary Artery I08
  • Left Atrium I09
  • Mitral Valve I10
  • Left Ventricle I11
  • Aortic Valve I12
  • Aorta I13
  • Abdominal Aorta I14
  • R. Coronary Artery I15
  • L. Coronary Artery I16
  • R. Carotid Artery I17
  • L. Carotid Artery I18
  • SA Node I19
  • AV Node I20
  • Bundle of HIS I21
  • L. Bundle Branch I22
  • R. Bundle Branch I23
  • Artery I24
  • Veins I25
  • Capillaries I26
  • Endothelium I27
  • Endothelin's I28
  • Angiotensin II I29
  • Hypertension I30
  • Tachycardia I31
  • Bradycardia I32
  • Palpitations I33
  • PVC'S I34
  • Atrial Fib I35
  • Atherosclerosis I36
  • Arteriosclerosis I37
  • Cerebrovascular Ds. I38
  • Coronary Artery Ds. I39
  • Peripheral Vascular Ds. I40
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis I41
  • Venous Insufficiency I42
  • Heart Murmur I43
  • Pericarditis I44
  • CHF I45
  • Angina I46
  • Stroke I47
  • TIA I48
  • Aneurysm I49
  • Vasculitis I50
  • Platelets I51
  • C-Reactive Protein I52
  • Fibrinogen I53
  • Homocysteine I54
  • Oxidized LDL I55
  • Ferritin I56
  • Serum Iron I57
  • Transferrin I58
  • Systolic Hypertension I59
  • Diastolic Hypertension I60