Advanced abea Concepts


As you start to better understand the abea muscle testing technique, you will quickly realize that you are able to dive deeper and make more correlations. Here are some of my favorite concepts that I use in my practice.


Energy Donation

One organ or system donating energy to another organ or system to create and maintain balance in the overall system. Leads to greater loss of vital energy and an overall system that is compensating more.

Example: FOCUS vial is heart which leads to the spleen which leads to the lung which leads to the gallbladder where the trail stops. 

Use the Priority & BLKI27 to determine the new FOCUS vial. The FOCUS vial could change to either the spleen, lung or gallbladder, but it could also not change and remain heart. The process has helped you to understand how the body's systems are compensating for the primary weakness (the FOCUS vial).



Like the energy steal but you are staying within the same system.

Example: Using the Cardiovascular Kit on the first pass all you find is the vial for arteriosclerosis. The arteriosclerosis then matches to the mitral valve that then matches to the R. coronary artery which then matches to the L. carotid.

Use the Priority and BLKI27 vials the same as you would if you were applying the Energy Donation concept to find the FOCUS vial.


Running a String (RAS)

This is like Layering and Energy Steal done at the same time. Generally, I do this if I am exploring. The process of RAS gives you a string of active vials that will give information and help you to understand what could be happening.

Example: Match vials from any kit to create a string of active vials. Use the Priority & BLKI27 vials to determine the FOCUS vial from the string of active vials. RAS opens the testing process up to an exponential number of combinations.

Physiological compensation patterns are as unique to the individual as a fingerprint.



MicroRNA Profiling

MicroRNA’s act as an epi-genetic regulator of gene expression. Most human genes code for and regulate up to one thousand different proteins/enzymes. 

The correct PMG with the most appropriate microRNA profile will up or down regulate gene expression based on the needs of the cell and system.

The PMG vials can be screened against the FOCUS vial. The correct PMG match is based upon the unique MicroRNA profile of that PMG product.

Example: Cardiotrophin PMG might be the most appropriate PMG for treating the liver based upon the MicroRNA profile of Cardiotrophin PMG.