applied bio-energy analysis

abea is the best way to measure how the body is functioning. It looks at the energy signature to provide insight into your patients unique health issue. It uses muscle testing and vials with a proprietary flow to better understand your patient. 

Comprehensive, effective
& efficient

Abea allows you to quickly assess a patient's energy using tried and true homeopathic vials. 

Developed to help practitioners quickly find the source of patient problems

abea is the reason that Dr. Klepzig has grown his Natural Healing Clinic to the largest Standard Process and MediHerb account in the state and one of the largest in the country.

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Looking at the big picture of health

Combining east and west philosophy

Understanding the importance of energy

Detailed, flexible
and holistic

Abea is a bioenergetic diagnostic system that is detailed, flexible and holistic.

Introducing the Basic 8 Collection

My system as I currently practice it has eight test kits that I consider to be the foundation of abea. I have several kits that are specialty kits that focus on an area of physiology and pathophysiology that we see a lot of in practice like female health, cardiovascular disorders and musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. These specialty kits are not necessary initially, but as you become more proficient and your knowledge base expands you might want to consider adding them.  

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Measuring the body's vitality

abea uses electronically imprinted vials organized in kits to help the practitioner understand how the major organs and tissues of the body are maintaining an electrical charge. If we start to lose the ability to maintain an electrical charge in an organ, then other organs in the system will compensate and we will have a loss of balance within the systems and an overall loss of energy and vitality.

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Integrates with Standard Process
& MediHerb Products

This system is designed from the ground-up to work with Standard Process and MediHerb products. Product testing kits are available for purchase from Standard Process for professional account holders.


Watch this abea training video segment

Complimentary Video Training Series

Join Brian Klepzig D.C., L.A.c., C.C.N., Founder of the abea Testing Technique in a 16-part, 78 minute video series. Dr. Klepzig takes you from new patient exam to follow-up exams using the line of abea Test Kits.